Ulster Supported Employment Ltd

About Ulster Supported Employment Ltd:

Our purpose is Supporting, Providing, Promoting Employment to people with disabilities and health related conditions.

We deliver direct employment to people with disabilities through our factory in Cambrai Street. 75% of employees within the manufacturing operation have a disability or health related conditions and are employed in the manufacture of beds, sports and travel bags, leather satchels and various types of industrial sewing products.

We also manage a range of employment programmes on behalf of the Department of Employment and Learning and European Union that are specifically designed to help people with disabilities or health related conditions move into or return to employment.

We are a not for profit organisation, so clients know the company is committed to assisting individuals who live with disabilities reach their maximum potential.  Each year we support over 1800 people with disabilities in more than 750 companies to enter and sustain economic employment through our various employment programmes.

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Ulster Supported Employment Ltd
182-188 Cambrai Street, Belfast, BT13 3JH