The Somme Nursing Home

About The Somme Nursing Home:

The Somme Nursing Home is a charity established in 1914 to provide treatment and quality care for service and ex-service persons.

We provide long term and convalescent nursing care for sick, wounded and disabled:

  • Serving and ex-service persons, the Reserves and their spouses
  • Royal Ulster Constabulary serving and ex-service members and their spouses
  • HM Prison Service serving and ex-service members and their spouses
  • Mercantile Marine and their spouses
  • Fire Authority and their spouses 

A committment to care

The Home exists to create an environment where compassion and understanding of the unique needs of the ex-service resident is paramount to the delivery of care.
By individual assessment and by promoting the core values of dignity, choice, preservation of citizens rights, independence, self determination and privacy, the Home strives to deliver the highest standard of care in a homely, relaxed environment.
We encourage the involvement of both the resident and the family in the planning of care.

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