Silotank is a diverse plastics engineering company. In 1992 the company produced industrial water tanks, chemical tanks & silos using Centrifugal Moulding Process and today these products are still operating with little or no maintenance. The limitation in mould diameters for the Centrifugal Moulding machine encouraged the company to invest in 3 axis helical filament winding technology and a range of mandrels from 1.00 metre diameter up to 4.50 metre diameter.

Today Silotank remains a leader in innovative thermoplastic and GRP systems for the fabrication of tanks, silos, scrubbers, ductwork & pipework. We also now produce air pollution control systems and equipment as well as chemical resistant lining systems for steel using GRP and thermoplastic materials. SILOTANK'S vast experience will ensure that we engineer the best solution for your application. Our recommendations are not biased by limitations in our manufacturing processes and skills.

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