Shanlieve Stone

About Shanlieve Stone :

Shanlieve Stone Ltd is regarded as being one of the top companies in the supply and production of stone and its name is synonymous with quality and customer service.


  • Supply of all types of construction stone
  • External cladding
  • Sills, heads, corbels, quoins and specials
  • Design and production of structural granite
  • Stone cutting and carving
  • Quality random building stone
  • Tailor made quality granite and sandstone window and door surrounds and any other exterior special features*
  • Supply blue limestone & sandstone

*Tailor made items generally take 8 – 10 weeks to process, so please consult us at least 9 weeks before you need them.

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Shanlieve Stone
Unit 13, Flurry Bridge Industrial Park, Lower Faughil Road, Jonesborough, Newry
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