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About Selfbuild Ireland Ltd.:

Three years ago we were a husband and wife team running one small exhibition and producing an annual magazine. In 2006 we will be running 4 large exhibitions and producing a substantial magazine, quarterly, throughout Ireland. Our current team is eight and needs to become nine.


We are the only Company specialising in the SelfBuilding, Extending and Renovating market in Ireland. However, our success is not just down to a good idea nor to our experience and specialist knowledge. The difference between us and other businesses is that we treat our clients as guests. Almost nothing is too much trouble to us. We anticipate and look after their needs in a disciplined, caring, thoughtful and professional way.


We are also highly focused. We are not just an organiser of exhibitions nor a publisher of magazines. We specialise in the SelfBuilding, Extending and Renovating sector exclusively and ensure that our advertisers and exhibitors are also specialists. As our reputation has grown, so has the quantity and quality of visitors and readers. They recognise the range and high quality of the services and materials that our customers advertise and exhibit.

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