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Rocwell Natural Mineral Water Company was founded in 1989 by the Quinn Family from Pomeroy, County Tyrone, Ireland. The family owned business has established the Rocwell as one of the premier water companies in Ireland. The brand is well respected on the worldwide distribution stage. The company employs 45 people and with Rocwell expanding on their product range the company continues to grow from strength to strength.

Rocwell Natural Mineral Water Company has been providing quality Natural Mineral Water products for over 19 years, to a range of clients in Northern Ireland, Ireland and United Kingdom. The company currently supplies both Central and Local Government users in Northern Ireland along with an extensive range of other public and private organisations. It is also a leading brand widely used by the hospitality industry, and of course is to be found on many domestic tables as a complement to meals of all types.

Within Northern Ireland, Rocwell has the dominant share of the Water Cooler Market (between 70-80%) our large range of coolers have proved attractive to a wide range of high profile companies and organisations. We also have a strong emphasis on customer care with our bottled water service which maintains our exacting standards to our customers.

Rocwell water source was the first in Northern Ireland to obtain “Natural Mineral Water Status” under the stringent EU and Irish Directives and the UK and NI Mineral Water Regulations. The source quality has low levels of dissolved solids and is one of the lowest nitrates level ever recorded in bottled water, less than 0.01mlg per litre. Nitrates at high levels are known to be noxious and to hold links with brain damage, heart attacks, blue baby syndrome and many other health risks. The low sodium levels within Rocwell water makes it suitable for persons on a low sodium diet. Additional minerals present within Rocwell water are also of considerably lower levels than the minimum tolerence set out other water sources. Rocwell water is beneficial to dietary and promotes better health for the body.

Rocwell are very well known within Ireland as we currently supply all types of business – pubs, hotels, cash & carry’s, multiples, wholesalers, food service and airlines. Our extensive range of products consist of Rocwell ‘Still’ and ‘Sparkling’ Natural Mineral Water (range of sizes available from 250ml – 19L), Water Coolers – Free Standing and Counter Tepid & Cold and Hot & Cold. Rocwell also produce water under “own label” for a range of clients throughout Ireland.

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