Ramko Hydraulic Cylinders Ltd

About Ramko Hydraulic Cylinders Ltd:

Ramko Hydraulics was founded in 2009, and although a relatively new company we bring with us 20 years of experience at the pinnacle of hydraulic cylinder manufacturing through a close working relationship  with Northern Hydraulic Cylinders Ltd.

At Ramko Hydraulics all our rams are manufactured on site in our state of the art factory by our team of highly trained, multi-skilled staff who are dedicated to producing cylinders of the highest quality and most aesthetic finish, at the best possible price. All our cylinders are put through a rigorous testing procedure to guarantee that only the finest products leave our factory

Our standard hydraulic cylinders range in size from 32mm bores up to 250mm bores, with push power ranging from 3.8 ton up to 16.5 ton.

Ramko also design and manufacture bespoke hydraulic cylinders and carry out professional sub-contract CNC machining.

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Ramko Hydraulic Cylinders Ltd
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