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MyTravel is a huge global travel corporation – operating out of the UK, Northern Europe, Scandinavia and North America. With responsibility for more than 100 brands, we operate 630 high-street travel agents, charter and specialist tour operators, 118 overseas properties, and our own airline with 36 aircraft. So you’ll most likely have already heard of us. After all, we look after well-known names such as Going Places, Travel World and Airtours Holidays, including Escapades and Direct Holidays. And Panorama, founded in 1954 and the oldest tour operator in the group, has gone on to become one of the strongest in the Irish market.


We also have some of the highest customer service ratings in the industry, and the use of this continual feedback means we have long been the market leader in bringing new initiatives to the travel sector. All this combined with our policy of internal promotion means almost limitless opportunities for career development. In fact, you could have several different careers without even leaving the organisation. For example you could be a customer service representative overseas one year, in a retail travel branch, call centre or part of airline cabin crew the next, and then decide to work your way up to management level.

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