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About Linnodee Diagnostics Ltd:

Linnodee was established in 1999 by the late Dr Ernest F Logan OBE and manufacture and research rapid diagnostics primarily for the detection of Leptospirosis in animals and humans. It is the sister company of Giltspur Scientific Limited responsible for the award-winning Cowslips™, a plastic orthopaedic shoe designed to aid the treatment of lameness in dairy cattle.

Leptospirosis is responsible for considerable economic losses in the farming industry as a consequence of abortions, still births, reduced fertility and reduced milk production.

Infected animals generally exhibit no clinical signs of infection so regular screening is vital for disease detection, surveillance and control. Leptospirosis is an occupational zoonosis, posing a significant risk of infection to those working with infected animals.

Using new and trusted technologies Linnodee have developed a range of rapid and reliable tests for both laboratory diagnosis and point-of-care diagnosis of Leptospirosis in animals and humans. Linnodee diagnostics are designed for the specific detection of the disease-causing serovar(s) associated with the target species.

Linnodee Diagnostics play a crucial role in the surveillance and control of Leptospirosis within animals and humans globally.

Linnodee products are used extensively locally, nationally and internationally. Export markets include Spain, Belgium, Germany, Japan, USA, Malaysia and India. The products have been employed in disease prevalence studies conducted in Europe, Japan, USA, Thailand and South America.

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