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About INTU Global Shelter Ltd - INTUPOD:

Our Vision is global... our 5 year goal is to match each intupod sale across the UK and Ireland with 25 similar high quality multi-use shelters worldwide.

INTU Global Shelter Ltd is launching intupod initially into the UK and Ireland market offering a range of multi- purpose pods and living spaces. The aim is to gain market recognition and refine product delivery mechanisms, prior to launching INTU Global Shelter internationally.  In the UK and Ireland: INTU Global Shelter Ltd, branded intupod, provides tailored products as multi-use, multi-purpose accommodation units for outdoor activity, commercial or domestic use. Intupod is targeted at the Tourism, Holiday Parks, Camping, Private Land owners, Farm business and home office and activity space markets.

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INTU Global Shelter Ltd - INTUPOD
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