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About G.R. Ingram & Co Solicitors Ltd:

G.R. Ingram & Co. Solicitors Limited

Fighting your case every step of the way

Gabriel Ingram founded the firm of G.R. Ingram & Co. Solicitors Limited as of 1998. Since then, the firm has built up the reputation of being one of Northern Ireland’s foremost leading lights within the Criminal Justice System, fighting for their clients. This has been created because G.R. Ingram & Co. Solicitors believe in working as a team whenever approaching client’s legal problems.

Where We Specialise

G.R. Ingram & Co. Solicitors has built up a legal firm that surpasses many in that it can not only assist within criminal related matters but it can assist within such other specialist areas such as family & matrimonial, property, wills & probate, litigation claims, commercial litigation, employment law, libel law & immigration law.

Solicitors For All Cases

Now whenever the individual client enters G.R. Ingram & Co. Solicitors any problem which the client presents with can be matched to the most highly skilled appropriately qualified solicitor within the team who can remove the worries from the client in a straight talking helpful professional legal advice manner so as to hopefully remove the problem in its entirety.

Our Services:

    Accident & Personal
    Injury Claims
    Family, Matrimonial &
    Divorce Law
    Wills, Estate Planning,
    Probates & Trusts
    Property Law & Conveyancing
    Criminal Law
    Business Commercial Law
    Employment Law
    Human Rights

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