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About Genesis Crafty:

We are 6 Bakers who are 6 Brothers. We’ve been baking our whole lives. Creating new products by kneading, chaffing and doing things by hand the traditional way. It’s difficult, but it’s essential for perfect tastes and textures

For us, baking is the perfect mix of creativity and science. We use only the finest quality ingredients, combined together with care and attention and then baked in precisely the right heat for exactly the right time.

We are a craft bakery, so we still knead every roll, flip every pancake and chaff every scone by hand. And why we’re able to create difficult, different but undeniably delicious products, every day of the week.

We love traditional breads so have given them our Crafty twist. Look out for Wee Soda's, Big Pancakes (flipped by hand!), Soda Bagels, Toaster Wheaten (no instructions necessary!), Honey and Yogurt Wheaten which all compliment our delicious Scones, Rolls, Baps and Cakes.

Watch out for new Crafty ideas!

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Genesis Crafty
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