About FMI Ltd:

FMI provides a total management service to companies wishing to outsource the running of a wide range of field operations. We handle everything from recruitment and training to payrolling and ongoing management of staff, providing feedback and results reports to our clients during and on completion of each activity.

The wide and diverse range of our activities is made feasible by our reliance on exceptional systems as the foundation for everyone. We recruit and retain the best people by focusing on teamwork and motivation. We apply the best in technology to support each operation. We are committed to quality, accuracy and attention to detail. Our mission is to contribute fundamentally to our clients' success and competitive advantage.

Our people are trained to manage the ever changing and fast paced nature of field operations in Ireland. FMI employs over 60 full time head office staff and payrolls over 800 employees weekly and we have a database of over 1,000 active field personnel. FMI staff are trained and motivated to ensure that we deliver and exceed client expectations by improving their brand presence and performance by increasing sales. Our flawless execution in the field demonstrates that we are true brand ambassadors.

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