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About DNC Fabrications Ltd:

DNC Fabrications Ltd. is located in Co Down, Northern Ireland. Our engineering business was founded in 2004 and we specialise in stainless steel and mild steel fabrication including contract laser cutting and folding.

DNC Fabrication Ltd. consist of an experienced engineering workforce – the managing director, Mr Dean Church and his key staff have worked in the industry for over 20 years.

Competent in all aspects of steel fabrication DNC Fabrication Ltd. have the expertise, knowledge and qualifications to design, produce and install whatever the client requests. Industries we typically work with are:

  • Water and Waste water treatment business.
  • Oil and Gas Industry – production of relevant pipe work in accordance to pressurisation and thermal expansion.
  • Agriculture – milking parlours and waste management.
  • Council Contracts – design, production and installation of steel work upon the request of Local Authority.

By choosing DNC Fabrication Ltd. you can be assured of expertise, guidance and advice with every step of your contract. From our CAD Operatives to the Laser Cutter and Fabrication staff we promise quality, professionalism and peace of mind for the client.

Let DNC Fabractions Limited be your first fabricator of choice from design & manufacture to installation.

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