About Capita:

We were built on talent, entrepreneurial spirit and a keenness to use the latest technology and thinking to transform the way organisations work. And that hasn’t changed in our 32-year history.

We began in 1984, with just 33 people, after spotting a distinct gap in the market for giving the public sector access to the latest IT and technology-driven processes. It was an area that had traditionally lagged behind in technological innovation but one that we believed could benefit from it greatly.

Bringing together the public and private sector was seen as a radical move – public sector outsourcing barely existed in the UK at the time. But we were confident, and it’s this kind of original thinking that has been at the foundation of everything we’ve strived to achieve ever since.

We believe that forming solid, open relationships with our clients is essential. Close collaboration is the only way you can get to the route of the problem and come up with the best solution. The end user simply wants the most effective and efficient service. So, to make that reality, we look at every part of a process or structure, dismantle it, see how we can make it better, then deliver it for our clients.

Essentially our job is to make processes smarter, organisations more efficient and customer experiences better. We were built on thinking differently and, by applying talent and technology to everything we do, we unlock value for you, your organisation and our communities

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