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About Camphill Community Mourne Grange:

Community Mourne Grange was established in 1971, as the first adult community in Northern Ireland. It is now the home for more than 140 people, including adults with special needs who live and work together with co-workers and their families.

Lying in the foothills of the Mourne mountains in peaceful rural surroundings, Mourne Grange is a working village in which everyone participates and is interested and concerned with community life. Life in the various households is like that of a family, since co-workers and their children, young and old alike, live together without the restriction of shifts and rotas, or payment for work or time given.

The farm, gardens and orchards supply the Community with fresh produce, meat, vegetables and fruit, all without the use of chemicals and fertilisers and using bio-dynamic methods. The bakery provides fresh bread, biscuits and cakes, which can also be enjoyed in our coffee shop. The small village store makes a regular delivery of goods to each household and the laundry workshop provides a much appreciated service for the village.

The Christian festivals, along with the seasons, are important stages in the cycle of the year around which many aspects of life revolve. Thus daily work finds its place in a complete way of life and the creative possibilities of each person are enhanced.

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